November 10, 2022

Will It Fit? Measuring for your MojoDesk

Will It Fit? Measuring for your MojoDesk

Space Planning | MojoDesk Dimensions

Transitioning from your bed or couch to a proper WFH setup is key to comfort and productivity. Whether you are measuring for your new remote standing desk work setup or creating the ultimate gaming room, your back and shoulders will thank you. And as a bonus, you'll spill less coffee.  

But will it fit? How do you shoehorn a gaming desk or work from home setup into what seems like an overcrowded home, loft, dorm room or apartment? While MojoDesk is ultra sleek and functional, our smallest model (48x30 cube) still needs a 4 ft wide and a recommended 5 foot deep space to allow for your chair and standing room. But just like exercise, if it’s important to you, you can fit it into your life.

Scroll down or go directly to our downloadable PDFs with the dimensions of all of our desktops as well as room setup recommendations. We also recommend using our virtual 3D Desk Builder to imagine MojoDesk in your space which has the majoirty of measurements by clicking on the ruler icon. 

Need more inspiration? Please see our gallery of MojoDesk customer photos shared from our social channels.  


Man sitting on couch using laptop computer and holding coffee

The ergonomic MojoDesk sit-stand desk handles everything for you whether you are rocking a laptop or a CPU tower.  Our cable management accessories keep all wires hidden and also include monitor arms and the ability to mount your CPU tower to the underside of the desktop You just need space for the desk and a little elbow room. 


No office? No problem. With the sudden requirement to work from home and remote learning, our customers have shared some pretty unique spaces to fit their MojoDesk.  This includes using the corner of mud room as an elementary school and removing the doors of an unused closet. 

Pictured: 72 inch wide Mojo Cube in a closet

Pictured: 48 inch Mojo Cube in Mud Room


If your house—or spouse—are limiting your options, start with the bare essentials to find your perfect space: 


Wherever you place the desk, you’ll need an outlet somewhat close by.  Our 15 foot Magnetic 6 outlet power bar will give you some slack in this area, plus it hides out of site on the back of the steel desk frame.  


Pretty basic, but if you are adding your desk to a basement with low ceilings you may feel clausterphobic when standing and it may not be the best location. We recommend at least a foot of space from the top of your head to the ceiling.  Our desk fits everyone perfectly - sitting or standing - from 4'11" up to 6' 6". The desk itself maxes out at 50.5” tall when raised.



As mentioned prior, we recommend 5 feet measuring from the wall or back of desk to allow enough room for a chair and moving around. 


Our smallest desk size, our rectangular "Mojo Cube" is 45.5 wide” x 28.5 deep. It is  designed to fit into a 48 inch wide space with finger clearance on both sides. 


The following images show the dimensions of our collection of rectangular and corner L-shape desktops.

For our rectangular desktops, we have two options: straight edges on the sides (cubicle) or curved edges (organic curve). The cubicle styles will be slightly shorter in width to fit in a 48, 60, or 72 inch space. The organic curve is truly 48, 60, or 72 inches wide.  The same goes for our corner L-shape desktops.  

Click the images to access full size printable PDFs. 

Happy measuring! A MojoDesk that is perfect for your space is waiting for you in our STORE.

Cubicle Rectangular (Mojo Cube)

Organic Curve Rectangular (Mojo Organic Curve)

MojoDesk Curve Dimensions

Organic Corner L-Shape (Mojo Executive)

Cubicle Corner L-Shape  (available using MyMojo Builder)

MojoDesk 3 Leg Corner (Coming Soon)