Mojo Gamer Pro Bundle: Sit-Stand Gaming Desk

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  • Magnetic Cable Tray, Chain, Power Bar
  • Under-Desk PC Mount
  • Single Monitor Arm

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Desktop Color: Matte Lux Black
Size: 69.5x28.75
Frame Color: Black Base

Mojo Gamer Pro is our premium sit-to-stand PC gaming desk bundle rated 9/10 "Amazing" by IGN.  Includes 5 accessories: Our magnetic cable management system (MagicSnap Cable Tray, Chain, PowerBar), Monitor Arm, and CPU Tower Hanger. 

Our standing desk + accessory bundle saves $80 vs. buying the accessories and desk separately. 

View in 3D | Setup Photos | Also Available: PC BATTLESTATION


Meet the best standing gaming desk - Mojo Gamer Pro by MojoDesk, a height-adjustable eSports computer desk with 5 accessories. Sit. Stand. Win. Mojo Gamer Pro is bundled with a monitor arm, CPU Tower Hanger, and 3 magnetic cable management accessories with $80 in savings vs. buying separately.

Is a standing desk good for gaming? Also, what gaming desk do streamers use?

Mojo Gamer Pro received a 9/10 "Amazing" score by IGN and was recommended by top Twitch and YouTube gaming streamers such as GLADD and Aztecross Gaming.  Mojo Gamer Pro allows you to set your perfect height and ergonomic position with a push of a button. And yes, a standing desk is good for gaming and essential for your health. It fights fatigue whether you're a casual or professional eSports gamer. Our stand-up desk keeps you moving and energetic. 

Gamer Desk Accessories Included: Monitor Arm, CPU Tower Hanger, Cable Chain, Power Bar, Cable Tray 

Need more options? Use our MyMojo Builder to build a custom gaming desk. 


See the specs below and see our WILL IT FIT? guide for more details and creative space planning ideas. 

Ergonomic PC Gaming eSports Desk Sizes

Fits Office Spaces: 48" W x 27" D, 60" W x 27" D, 72" W x 30" D

Cubicle rectangular sizes indicated above will fit in 48", 60" or 72" wide spaces with finger clearance. Actual widths: 45.5", 57.5", 69.5"

View: Desktop Dimensions PDF

Width between each leg/foot under the desk (to plan for storage, mats, etc.)

48x27: 37.25" 
60x27:  49.25"
72x30: 58"

All Frames

Steel, Choice of Black or Gray
3 Stage Electric Powered Telescoping Legs
Desk Height Control: LED Display, 4 Programmable Presets
Safety Motion Sensor (Stops if child, pet underneath

Range from 23.8" - 49.8" H (Suitable for heights of 4'11" - 6'6")

Height adjustable frame measurements from MojoDesk

Height adjustment speed of 1.5" per second with soft start/stop

Electric adjustable height frame details:  

Our frames are designed for ultimate stability and style. They are dual-motor (1 motor per leg) with 3-stage telescoping T-style legs (3 sections of adjusting steel columns), lifting up to 300 pounds with a full height range of 23.8” - 49.4”.  An LED hand control with 4 height presets and a steel cover to manage the desk wires comes standard. Commercial grade: meets BIFMA X5.5 and BIFMA X7.1 standards. 

In The Box

Your MojoDesk Gamer Pro Bundle arrives in 4 boxes. 

  • MojoDesk Desktop  UL Greenguard Gold certified (1 Box)
  • Frame - Steel Frame, Height Control, Motion Sensor, Hardware (1 Box)
  • Accessory Box (Monitor Arm, CPU Tower Hanger, Chain, Power Bar (1 Box)
  • Magnetic Cable Management Tray (1 Box)

Included PC Gamer Desk Accessories: 

Monitor Arm  (16599)  (Color: Silver - w/ ports for a microphone, audio, and USB)

CPU Tower Hanger (15894-HP)

CPU Tower Hanger Specs from MojoDesk

MagicSnap Cable Chain (15896)

MagicSnap Power Bar (15898)

MagicSnap Cable Tray (15899-SM-ASM) 

Good to Know: 

All desktops are sourced from responsibly managed forests, are UL GreenGuard certified, and exceed safety and stability requirements set by BIFMA. 

Ultimate Gamer Desk Setup 

Detailed instructions for the gaming desk setup and accessories are included in the box or you can view or download at LEARN > INSTRUCTIONS.

Desk setup guide 


Room Setup Inspiration: View Customer Photos


"Easy to assemble, built like a tank, luxurious to touch, and smooth to operate." 9/10 Score - IGN

"A beast of a desk. Durable, great cable management - TechRadar

"Game changer" -  GLADD (Twitch)

"Helps with my back pain" - Aztecross Gaming (YouTube) 

"Premium desk bundle" - High Ground Gaming

"Wobble-free" - Start Standing


Our gaming desk comes in several desktop styles.  They are all extremely durable laminate surfaces: Water-resistant, smudge-proof, scratch-proof, and safe from spilled energy drinks, snacks, etc. They all have a  UL GreenGuard Certification which means low chemical emissions and healthy air and the sleek design complements all your gaming gear.  

Here are the main differences.   

Carbon Fiber and Classic White both have a smooth but not soft-touch surface. A mouse pad is recommended. 

Our Matte Lux desktops have a soft-touch surface that guarantees precision mouse tracking. They are available in Black and Charcoal. 

  • Mouse pad is optional. 
  • Anti-glare matte finish prevents distracting reflections from any LEDs in your setup



Mojo Gamer Pro ships at no additional cost via Ground Shipping. 

Note:  Your standing eSports gamer desk will arrive in several boxes. The desk itself (2 boxes - Desktop, Frame) and the accessories (2 boxes).   

No Risk: 60 Day "Love Mojo or Return" Trial. We cover shipping both ways. How can we do this? Because we know you'll love it.

Warranty:  5 year warranty on adjustable-height frames, desktops, accessories, hardware, and parts - including motors and electrical components – are covered for normal usage. 

Learn More: Full Warranty & Return Policy Details


MojoDesk has partnered with TaskRabbit to provide our customers with an affordable and top-rated desk assembly service option. 

Detailed assembly instructions are available for all MojoDesk models and accessories in the box and on our instruction page HERE.  

Desk setup guide

Alternatively, you can choose TaskRabbit’s assembly service.

sit. stand. win.

sit. stand. win.

Bundle up for the win. Mojo Gamer Pro includes our premium electric sit-to-stand gaming desk and 5 accessories with $80 in savings vs. buying separately.

Feel better today. An electric sit-to-stand desk is essential for your health whether you're a casual or professional eSports PC gamer.

Adjust to your perfect ergonomic position - sitting or standing - with a push of a button. Avoid back pain and feel better while owning your opponent.

Top Ratings & Reviews.

Top Ratings & Reviews.

MojoDesk scored a 9/10 "Amazing" score by IGN and is used and recommended by top Twitch and YouTube streamers such as GLADD and Aztecross as essential gaming gear to stay comfortable, healthy, and focused. 

View customer setup images on our Twitter page or view our "Mojo In Real Life" customer photo gallery HERE.  

"Easy to assemble, built like a tank, luxurious to touch, and smooth to operate." - IGN

Customer Photos


Play like a Boss. Beat the Boss. Mojo Gamer Pro has zero bounce or wobble even in the highest position.

Our standing desk is ergonomically designed with a beveled edge that aids with wrist and forearm comfort - key for long hours of eSports gaming. 

Plus, we stand by our products (pun intended). MojoDesk is covered by a 5 Year Warranty and a "Love Mojo" 60 Day NO RISK trial.

Desktop Style Shown: Carbon Fiber

Maximum Space.

Maximum Space.

The included Monitor Arm provides the perfect ergonomic distance and angle from your screen.

The CPU Tower Hanger allows for maximum desktop space and can adjust from a small gaming console to a PC Tower up to 35lbs, 10 x 20 x  20 inches. 

Desktop Style Shown: Carbon Fiber

keep it clean.

keep it clean.

Along with the Monitor Arm and CPU Tower Hanger, Mojo Gamer Pro is bundled with our innovative MagicSnap cable management system.  

No tools needed. Our Chain, Powerbar and Cable Tray snap onto the metal frame for a streamlined look.

Picture Shown: Rear View

Premium Desktop.

Premium Desktop.

Meet your new eSports battlestation. Our desktop surface options of Carbon Fiber, Classic White, and Matte Lux will take your game to the next level. 

All Desktop Surfaces

- Extremely durable: Water resistant, scratch-proof, and safe from spilled energy drinks, snacks

UL GreenGuard Certification low chemical emissions and healthy air

- Sleek design complements your gear

Additional Matte Lux Features

- Ultra-soft surface guarantees precision mouse tracking

- Anti-glare matte finish prevents distracting reflections from any LEDs in your setup

Desktop Style Shown: Matte Lux Black

Denver Bulk Purchasing Electric Standing Desks


Mojo Gamer Pro is eco-friendly. We source our desktops from responsibly managed forests, use recycled materials, and minimize waste at our solar-powered Denver factory.



Our standing gaming desk is Greenguard certified, meets national ergonomic standards, tested by a third party company for stability, safety and durability, and built with best-in-class materials.

home assembly.

home assembly.

Setting up MojoDesk is simple. Just follow our guides and videos. 

Don't like building stuff? Cool. We have partnered with TaskRabbit to provide an affordable and top-rated home assembly service option.