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Quick Fixes - Error Codes

MojoDesk Hand Control Quick Fixes

"ASR" or "RES" Code shown on LED Display

The desk needs to be reset.  Please press AND CONTINUE TO HOLD the “▼” button until the desk reaches its lowest height and rebounds to stop to reset. You will need to continue to hold the “▼” button down when it reaches the bottom for about 5 seconds to complete this step. 
If the “▼” button doesn't respond during this process, please check cable connections and then unplug power for at least 10 seconds. Reconnect power and press “▼” button to start the reset  process described above when the LED display shows "ASR."

"E01 or E02" Code shown on LED Display

This is is caused by overload of weight capacity (250 lbs +) or running the desk up and down continuously over an extended period of time. Please unplug the desk, wait 20 minutes, and plug the desk back into power. 

"E22 or E23" Code shown on LED Display

MojoDesk E22/E23

The E22 and E23 error code indicate that the connection is not recognized with the control box and the leg column cord. The intention of these codes is for safety. If one leg becomes unplugged, both legs stop moving and indicate which port and plug needs to be addressed. 


E22 corresponds with the cord in M1 of the control box


E23 corresponds with the cord in M2 of the control box


First, check the connection to ensure that the plug is fully inserted in the control box. It should “click” when in place. You should not be able to pull it out without holding down the clip. 


Then, restart your desk as indicated on the LED display by “rSt” when pressing the down button. Hold down the “down” arrow key to lower all the way. It will lower completely and then rebound. This should clear the code, the legs will be even, and this issue solved.

Desk rebounds / changes directions while raising / lowering

MojoDesk is equipped with an Anti-Collision sensor and it is on the highest, most sensitive mode "A-3" by default.  To decrease the sensitivity please follow these steps. 

Press and hold the “▲” “▼” buttons for 5 seconds at the same time to switch the sensitivity. Once the display shows "A- #" it has cycled to the next setting. Release buttons and repeat to cycle through settings.
A-0 = Anti-Collision function is off  |   A-1 = Low Sensitivity
A-2 = Medium sensitivity  |   A-3 = High Sensitivity (default)

Desk will not move

The Child Lock is likely on. To engage or disengage child lock, press and hold the M button for about 5 seconds. When child lock is turned on, a blue LED light activates above "▼" and M. Any button press creates a flash of the blue LED, a beep and LOC on the display.

Desk will not move and "E08" code on LED display

The E08 code indicates there is an issue with the connection between your control box and the motorized legs. Please watch our video for the best explanation of how to fix.  

Step 1: Check that the two cords with white multi-prong ends are fully inserted and secure. We recommend removing them and reinserting until they click. Then please press “▼” button until the desk reaches its lowest height and rebounds to stop to reset. If the code is still there and the desk does not move, please move to step 2. 
Step 2: Remove the leg motor control cords and swap them.  Replug each into the opposite port. Then please press “▼” button until the desk reaches its lowest height and rebounds to stop to reset. 
If the issue remains, please email us HERE.

Legs uneven while rasing or lowering

The desk needs to be reset. Each leg is powered by its individual motor. If this happens, please press “▼” button until the desk reaches its lowest height and rebounds to stop to reset. 
Please see our full Hand Control guide HERE.

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Cable Cover Assembly Video (Step 6 in Setup)

Please watch this section of our setup video to see how the cable cover that included with the frame is attached.

This is step 6 in the MojoDesk frame assembly guide PDF included in the box, not to be confused with the MagicSnap Cable Tray which is an optional accessory.  

Watch Video

The 60 inch version is shown in the video and shown in this screenshot. 

For the 72 inch versions, as the frame adjusts further out, the setup is the same with the bolts but they will be much closer to the tabs of at the outside of the cable cover as shown. 

In both examples, you must squeeze the tray to click it into place. These bolts do not fully tighten to allow the tray to slide back and forth to provide the flexibility of mounting the hand control on the left or right side and manage that cord.  

60 Inch Example

Cable Cover MojoDesk

72 Inch Version

Please expand base further out. Red dot will be where bolt will approximately be positioned near end tabs of cable cover. Bolts do not fully tighten. 


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Hand Control Reset (2018/2019)

If you have any error codes or it is not responding, you can reset the control box by simultaneously pressing and holding the up and own arrows for 5 seconds until you hear a beep AND you see 000 in the display. (Note: If you have already raised the desk higher than the bottom position of 62 then the desk will need to move downwards to position 62, beep and display 000 to confirm a reset).

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