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MojoDesk vs. the Evodesk Standing Desk

Shopping for a new sit-to-stand gaming or work desk? Price is important, but so is value—you don’t want to waste your money on a height-adjustable desk that’s lacking in safety, durability or comfort. At MojoDesk, we routinely compare sit-stand desks against our MojoDesk Solo to help desk enthusiasts choose wisely among the myriad options.

In this article, we have two models we are compariing. In the video below, we compare the Evodesk Ergo Edge (color: Carbon Black) standing desk vs the MojoDesk Organic Curve (color: Matte Lux Black) electric sit-stand desk with a full review of worksurface, stability, features, stability, and cost. For full specs, please see the notes in the YouTube video.  



Additionally, we have a spec chart and more details between the Evodesk electric standing desk and the MojoDesk Solo Cube—and the findings may surprise you. Read here for comparisons of MojoDesk vs. other brands of sit-stand desks. 

Let's start with issues of safety and health: two critical factors when researching a high-quality gaming desk.

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ANSI and BIFMA are industry benchmarks to certify that office furniture is designed and tested to high standards of quality, ergonomics and durability. Office products that pass muster are typically marked as “ANSI/BIFMA certified.” Most retail sites that sell consumer-grade desks (Amazon, IKEA) avoid this testing, as they assume buyers don’t care. MojoDesk begs to differ! Our desks are not only ANSI/BIFM certified; our founder Dave Carson was on the ANSI board that created those standards!

Nowhere in its product information does Evodesk make any mention of standards or testing; instead, it offers “functional ergonomics” as an “innovative option” to make your power electric desk “even better.” Wait, what? With no mention of certification for ergonomics and quality, we’re scratching our heads at how Evodesk can promote itself as “the Lamborghini of standing desks.”


All MojoDesk models come standard with a programmable hand control with four pre-sets and LED display. The Evodesk offers this as a $59 upgrade.


White standing desk adjustable height


Many office and household products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Greenguard certifies the VOC safety of products, and MojoDesk has that stamp of approval, from the top of the desk to the bottom. While Evodesk calls its sit-to-stand desktops “sustainable and real,” there are two glaring issues:

  1. The Evodesk sustainability claim refers to desktops only. What about the rest of the desk?
  2. Evodesk claims to use “solvent-free and VOC-free finishing,” but they’ve made no mention of Greenguard, which is the industry-standard seal of approval that certifies products with low chemical emissions

The Evodesk’s claim of “VOC-free finishing,” on its desktop only, without any testing by a governing body, can be a deal-breaker for health-conscious (earth-friendly) gamers and users.


MojoDesk offers a 60-day no-risk trial for all standing desks and pays for return shipping. Evodesk allows customers to return its product within 30 days; however, the customer must pay for return shipping and initial installation.

Woodgrain desktop with in office white wall


Here is the exact Order Detail of the model shown in the video above.  

EvoDesk 60x30 Ergo Edge (Color: Carbon Black) worked out to $916 total after we used a free shipping coupon code. In comparison, MojoDesk's 60x30 Organic Curve (Color: Matte Lux Black) is $779 and ALWAYS Free Shipping. 

Order Detail: 

Evodesk(1) base price: $699.00
Desktop Type: Single Level Desktop
Evodesk Shape: Ergo Edge(+$79.00)
Desktop Material: Renew Recycled Wood
Renew Recycled Wood Finish: Carbon Black
Desktop Size: 30x60(+$79.00)
Frame Color: Carbon Black
Controller: Programmable Memory(+$59.00)
Warranty: Standard Warranty
Total As Configured: $916.00
Order Total
Sub-Total $916.00
Shipping $79.00
Discount $-79.00 (Free Shipping Promo Code Used)
Total $916.00


When it comes to buying the right electric standing desk, shop carefully, and make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.Don't skimp on quality and durability, or you'll be back in desk-shopping mode in no time.

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Side-by-testing is invaluable but it comes down to the reviews, right? Google MojoDesk, and you'll see we’re top-ranked among standing desk review sites. Ready to try out a Mojodesk? Contact our knowledgeable MojoDesk team today.


Additionally, if a standing desk is not in your budget, we also offer a 48" W x 24" D and 60"W x 24"D fixed-height desk/table in 8 styles starting at $399 and free shipping.  It is built on a rock-solid steel frame. 

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MojoDesk vs. Evodesk Ergo Edge

Evodesk Standing Desk Review

Full Sit to Stand Desk NOT a Desktop Converter

Adjustable Height Range

4-Preset Hand Control, digital readout

Desktops contoured in front for wrist comfort

ENTIRE DESK is Greenguard Certified

BIFMA Tested For Stability

60 Day NO RISK Trial - Return Shipping Covered
5 Year Warranty
Free US Shipping (Lower 48)
2020 Sit-to-Stand Desk Price (48"x30")
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