Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL Gaming DeskReview: Unboxing Comparison Video

Secretlab has released a new version of their MAGNUS gaming desk called the MAGNUS Pro, an electric sit-to-stand desk. In this unboxing review, we evaluate the setup process and functionality of the largest version they offer, the MAGNUS Pro XL.  We also detail the order process, experience with customer service, and a "potential electrical concern." 


In 2021, when Secretlab released their fixed-height MAGNUS desk, we knew a sit-to-stand version was coming soon. As they sell a line of popular ergonomic gaming chairs, it only made sense. As their cable tray and "magnetic ecosystem" was one of the selling points of that and the current version, we did a full comparison review video of our MAGicSnap cable management used in our Mojo Gamer Pro gaming desk bundle (rated 9/10 by IGN).

The video above is part of our comparison series. You can view other videos and reviews HERE. 


NEW PRODUCT UPDATE 11/5/23: If you are looking for a standing gaming desk with over 33" of depth, can support up to 3 screens with optimal placement, and is bundled with magnetic cable management, please check out our New PC Battlestation Desk. 

Quick comparison specs below. Please scroll for our unboxing, setup pictures and full review.  



SECRETLAB: 49 day returns.  Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.  

MOJODESK: 60-DAY "LOVE MOJO" NO-RISK TRIAL. Shipping is free for purchases and return shipping is covered for any returns or exchanges.



Size: 70 W x 31.5 D (26.5 ”D of workspace, because 5” flip cable tray)

Color Choices: 1 Choice - Black

Surface: Wood wrapped in metal

Shape: Flat front metal edge and straight sides. Interchangeable magnetic mouse pad

Hand Control: 3 presets, LED display, hard-wired to right-hand side only, must be switched on/off to function or to turn off LED


Size: 72" W x 29" D (Organic Curve)

Color Choices: 8 Choices - Carbon Fiber, Matte Lux Black, Matte Lux Charcoal, Sahara Stone, Classic White, Weathered Oak, Obsidian Oak, American Oak

Surface: Wood wrapped in laminate sourced from FSC forests and Greenguard Gold certified.

Shape: Front ergonomic edge for wrist comfort, curved sides, and back.

Hand Control: 4 presets, LED display, can be mounted on the left or right-hand side, no on/off switch, energy saving sleep mode for LED display, press any button to wake



Legs: L connection to feet (towards the back of feet), the thinnest section of 3 stage column on the bottom.

The thickest section is 2 1/4” wide.

Holes in column sections.

Lifting Capacity: 265 lbs Height Range: 25.6” - 49.2”


Legs: T connection to feet (center of feet), the thickest section of the 3-stage column on the bottom.

The thickest section is 2 3/4” wide.

No holes in column sections.

Lifting Capacity: 300 lbs Height Range: 23.8” - 49.4”



A 5” wide cable tray is part of the desk, power goes into the left leg, outlet in the tray to use the power bar. Unfortunately, at the time of recording, we were warned of electric concerns detailed and documented in our unboxing review.

MOJODESK Cable Management

Optional magnetic cable management system

  • MagicSnap Cable Tray
  • MagicSnap Power Bar
  • MagicSnap Cable Chain

A stability test for both was performed at 41”


With the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL, the main thing that we were interested in checking out was how the desk's power cord connects to THE BOTTOM of the leg column. The electric then runs up the adjustable leg column to the cable tray with an outlet to plug in a power bar (not included). In theory, you would then have zero wires hanging from the desk. You could hide them all in the tray. The video starts at the part that highlights this feature in the promo video below.

More on this cable management feature later.  




On 8/29/22, we ordered the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL (70" x 31.5") and were pleased to get a shipping confirmation the next day along with useful resource links and setup videos.  The desk comes in 2 boxes - desktop, cable tray, cover and hardware in one, and the legs, feet, and mousepad in the other. The XL is the largest version they offer. We purchased the desk and standard "Signature Stealth" mousepad bundle for $1007 (excluding tax).

On 8/31, we received the box with the frame. The box looked a little roughed up, but we were happy to get it so fast.

Secretlab Magnus Pro XL - Leg Box 1


Unfortunately, the desktop box was another story.  Per FedEx tracking, it seemed to leave the warehouse fine but was stuck for over a week in one of the shipping hubs with no update for 10 days. When a package stays at a hub for an extended period of time, per our experience, it is usually because of damage. At this point, the shipping company is determining if they should return to sender or not.

On 9/8, we received an automated review request for a desk we didn't have yet which reminded us to reach out for help. Their customer service department seems to likely be located in China as responses would come through off business hours and says (GMT+8) in support emails. We were given a templated response of:

 "We're currently checking with our logistics partner and will reach out to you again as soon as we receive further updates. Alternatively, for a faster turnaround time, you may contact FedEx directly at 1-800-463-3339 (toll free) to check on the status."

On 9/13, the desktop box finally arrived and looked like this.  

Secretlab Magnus Pro XL Box - Desktop View 1


Secretlab Magnus Pro XL Box - Desktop View 2


No shipping company is perfect. Accidents happen but this box looked like it was thrown around like the world's largest frisbee during a strong man competition. It was damaged on all 4 corners, all sides retaped. The contents were certainly damaged and it would be difficult with the box condition to repackage it. Additionally, the box weighs close to 100 lbs.  So, we sent 6 pictures of the box damage and requested another desktop and a return label. We were told:

"We believe that a product’s packaging is an integral part of our customers’ overall Secretlab experience. As such, we consider the product’s weight and size as key factors when designing its packaging, before running it through ISTA tests to ensure the suitability of the packaging. What you have shared is certainly not aligned with the intended customer experience and we will be working with our fulfillment partners on this. 

Meanwhile, it is important to us that you are able to get your desk up and running as soon as possible. May I request that you open up the boxes to check if there were any damages to the parts and if you are able to assemble the desk?

On the off-chance that the parts were damaged, please provide me with pictures of the damaged items, for me to determine the necessary parts for replacement."

We did as instructed and found, as suspected, damaged contents.  Each corner of the desktop (a combination of MDF wrapped in metal) was dented and scratched as well as the center of the front of the desk.  The hand control panel did not appear to be damaged but the dent in the corner did cause the top to buckle above it. 

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL shipping damage 1
Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL shipping damage 2
Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL shipping damage 3

On 9/16, after sending the damage pictures, we were told:

"This dent may have occurred over the course of the shipping process and I will be arranging for a replacement tabletop to be sent to you as soon as possible."

On 9/22, the same day we had our photoshoot scheduled, we received the following message. 


The following 2 photos and instructions below are cut and pasted from the Secretlab email we received.  

"We have placed a request for a replacement table top to be sent to you. However, as the table tops are currently in production, we'll only be able to ship them out when they are available by the end of October, or earlier. I understand that any wait is less than ideal and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, we'd like to share that we've received one feedback on a potential electrical concern and we're reaching out to you as a precautionary measure.  Should you have assembled your MAGNUS Pro desk, we require your assistance to complete the following steps as soon as possible. 1. Remove any plug from the socket on the MAGNUS Pro leg. 

(Photo Credit: Secretlab Email) 2. You may plug your power strip directly into your wall socket in the meantime. 

(Photo Credit: Secretlab Email) "The desk’s height can still be adjusted but please ensure that all devices are not connected to the Power Supply Column of the MAGNUS and directly into your wall socket instead. 

Please let us know that the above steps have been completed by replying to this email. We will arrange for a complimentary Secretlab Magnetic Headphone Hanger to be sent to you once it is available. However, if you have not assembled your desk, we'd like to arrange for both the table top and motorized legs to be collected from you and reship an entirely new unit once it's made available." 

In summary, the electrical outlet in the tray that is connected to power by going down the adjustable height leg is a "potential concern" and unusable. This means cords need to hang out the back of the desk and are therfore not hidden in the tray, one of the main selling features of just plugging into the leg. And a replacement would be shipped, at the earliest, about 60 days after purchase. More on this later as we continue the unboxing.


In the same box as the desktop is also the tool kit along with the cable tray and cable tray cover.  They are all in individual boxes with foam and clearly labeled. Unfortunately, even with this packaging, the cable tray was dented as shown below.

Cable Tray & Hardware Box

 Secretlab MAGNUS Cable Tray damage

Hinged Cable Tray Cover Box

Secretlab MAGNUS hinged cable tray cover


Legs, Feet, and Mousepad Box 

No issues here.  Everything was in good condition. As shown below, the adjustable 3-stage leg columns have an outlet to connect the power cord on the bottom and and outlet on the top for a power strip (that we were warned not to use).

Secretlab Magnus leg columns with power outlets electric issue


Finally. Time To Build!

Tip: You will want to keep the desktop box and foam packaging for the assembly process to avoid any scratches.  And don't throw away the foam that was on the edge of the desk, that will be used while flipping it over. With the desktop face down, attach the legs, feet, and cable tray using the included allen wrench and hardware.

Magnus adjustable height desk frame build




With two people and attaching the foam on the desktop edge to avoid scratches, flip over your Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL. 


Once we had it flipped over, we attached the hinged cable tray cover and measured from the lowest seated height which is 25.6 inches.  Secretlab Lowest Height

Then we plugged the power cord into the bottom of the adjutable leg column.


Secret lab power connection on bottom of leg

Per instructions, the next step is calibrating the desk prior to raising it. "Slide the Standby Switch to the right to turn the Control Panel on. Press and HOLD the down button. The display will show RSt. Do not release the button until a beep is heard. The calibration process is completed."



It should be noted that the very bright LED height display stays on unless you turn it back to standby mode which also turns off all functionality. Unlike MojoDesk, and all other standing desks we've tested, it does not go into standby automatically after 5-10 seconds and dim the screen. In those cases, you "wake up" the desk when you press the up/down buttons or presets again. With the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL you then need to switch it back on for any funtionality. 

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL display

We then raised the desk to the max standing height of 49.2 inches.  

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL max height

We then lowered the desk from 49.2" inches to 40" (suitable for someone about 5'5") and applied pressure to the side and front of the desk to see the stablity.  We then raised it up another 1.5" to 41.5" and did the same pressure on the side and front. 

These two heights are shown in the video below.  We did not raise it back up to the max height of 49.2" to test further. 


It should also be mentioned that there was a significant amount of lubricant that is present when adjusting the leg columns. Although we have not seen this on other standing desks we have tested, we are told it is normal and it is called out in step 9 of the instructions.  "The motorized leg columns have been lubricated to maintain smooth operation.  Some residue is expected to be see on the leg columns after a few cycles." This is shown below. 

lubricant residue left on Secretlab MAGNUS PRO XL standing gaming desk

One of the restrictions of the the original fixed height MAGNUS was the 27" depth of the worksurface and cable tray.  While the total depth was 27", the cable management tray took up approx 4 inches of worksurface depth and nothing can be placed on top of it.  Therefore, the usable worksurface was limited to 23"

With the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL, the total depth of the desktop has been increased to 31.5" which we assumed would increase the usable worksurface to 27.5" but this is not the case.

The cable tray portion is now slightly over 5" so the worksurface only gained approximately 3" of depth to a little over 26".  We are assuming this is because monitor stands and monitor arms may not fit with the depth and width of the previous 4" cable tray space. Previoiusly, our dual monitor arm did not fit, but our single monitor arm did fit, but just barely. With the new verison, there is also a larger gap between the tray and worksurface, possibly to avoid finger pinching which there was a warning sticker about on the previous version. 



In conclusion, Secretlab's first attempt at a standing desk needs more time in the lab. There are some good ideas with the MAGNUS Pro XL that need further work.  As a gaming desk, the focus should be on stabilty first, then cable management, then other features. Shipping damage can happen with any product but the packaging may need to be refined as our experience seems to not be an isolated incident.  

As of now, we have received no update on the "potential electrical concern" so we are not reviewing the cable management part as we cannot use this outlet in the tray shown below.  As of the time of this review, it seems to not be resolved. 

Update 11/13/22 "Potential Electrical Concern"

We received an email today from both Secretlab Support and a provider called SnapInstall. They are requesting to schedule a time to service and/or replace the leg with the electrical outlet.  We did not request this service so they may be doing this with all the desks they sold since August.

Additionally, we want to mention they have been proactive to schedule this service and following up on this issue.  

Cc: TeamSilver <>
Subject: Secretlab Desk Assessment - Snap Install 

We are the service provider for Secretlab and will be the team coming out to assess your Secretlab desk and complete a column replacement if needed. Once we confirm the below information, our team will move forward with the scheduling process.
We appreciate your swift action on unplugging your device from your power supply column and your continued patience.    We would like to inform you that our servicing partner, Snapinstall, will be getting in touch with you to schedule a servicing appointment to check on your desk in the next few days.   Kindly take note to remove the items from your tabletop prior to the servicing appointment so the servicing personnel are able to smoothly and swiftly perform checks and servicing if required.

UPDATE 1/3/23 - Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL - 2nd Stability Test

We performed an additional stablity test with a 50 lb weight as shown. This test is shown at 102 cm (approx 40.1 inches) and then lowered to 90 cm (35.4 inches). This was done in our office storage room, and the heater was not working that day. I hope you like my coat!


UPDATE 1/20/23 - Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL Electric Concern Leg Replacement

Snap Install was contracted by Secretlab to inspect and replace the leg for the "electrical concern." The desk was inspected and the left leg (that houses the electric that plugs into the bottom of the leg, runs up the leg, and provides and outlet in the cable managment tray)  was replaced on Friday, 1/20/23.

UPDATE 2/1/23 - Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL Damaged Desktop Replacement

From our damaged desktop claim we made on 9/16/22, we received our replacement over 4 months  later on 2/1/23. We were originally told, per the email in the review,  "the table tops are currently in production, we'll only be able to ship them out when they are available by the end of October (2022), or earlier. I understand that any wait is less than ideal and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience." 
Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL damaged desktop replacment




Here is a short video showing how MojoDesk's magentic cable management system works.  


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